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Acer says parts shortage a big challenge

25 сентября 2007

The global credit squeeze is unlikely to affect sales of personal computers, according to Gianfranco Lanci, president of Taiwan-based PC group Acer, who says a shortage of components is the biggest challenge facing the industry today.

Mr. Lanci said industry-wide sales figures for the third quarter suggested demand for PCs remained unaffected by the tougher credit conditions unleashed by the subprime mortgage crisis in the US.
"There are perhaps other consumer goods that are suffering, but if you talk about PCs, we don't see any major impact," he said in an interview with the Financial Times. "Even in the US, we don't see a change in demand right now."
After a strong second quarter, in which volume sales grew 16 per cent year on year, PC makers remain upbeat on the rest of 2007. Acer forecasts a 30 per cent surge this year in volume sales.
Steven Brazier, chief executive of IT consultancy Canalys, said household demand from emerging economies such as Brazil, China and India, as well as growth in online education, outsourcing, and security and energy businesses should offset any weakness arising from the financial crisis.
However, Mr Lanci said production capacity was still tight among manufacturers, and that some vendors would be caught short for the Christmas rush. The solution, he said, was "better planning" and, in the longer term, "increased manufacturing capacity".
"Sometimes you have to take risks with inventory," he said.
"We built ours up to 30 days at the end of the second quarter. The investors didn't like it, but I'm sure they will like the end result."
His comments came as Acer nears completion of its $710m purchase of Gateway of the US, announced last month.
The deal, which also includes European group Packard Bell, will catapult the Taiwan-based group into third place by market share, ahead of Lenovo of China and behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell.

Источник: Financial Times

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