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Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection wins at the 2nd TEMA National Telecom Awards

19 мая 2008

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that its Village Connection solution has won the Excellence in Innovation award at the 2nd annual National Telecom Awards ceremony held by the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association (TEMA).

Nokia Siemens Networks Village Connection is a unique GSM and IP-based solution deigned to extend mobile voice and data coverage to rural areas, where it is often economically unviable for telecom service providers to provide access. Village Connection combines technology with business model innovation to create a solution that is easy to implement, and benefits everyone involved. In addition, global telecommunications enabler Nokia Siemens Networks also provides consulting services to operators and service providers analyzing the most appropriate approach to reach rural markets.

Village Connection is a software based solution that comprises GSM Access Points providing village wide coverage.
A GSM Access Point forms a complete mini network where local calls are connected directly within the village. These access points can also be linked to regional Access Centers that carry the traffic to and from other mobile or fixed networks. A local entrepreneur hosts the GSM Access Point and interacts with village subscribers on operator’s behalf.

“We are extremely proud to have won this prestigious award from TEMA, and remain committed to providing innovative connectivity solutions that help bridge the digital divide across the globe,” said Michael Kuehner, Head of Sub-region India, Nokia Siemens Networks.

“Village Connection breaks down the barriers to providing connectivity to rural areas – it extends vital benefits such as access to healthcare and important information to village subscribers.
It also creates opportunities for entrepreneurship for the people in the villages,” he added.

“Two key factors that made Village Connection stand out in the Innovation category.
The first is the system support for local subscriber management in the villages, enabling a franchise-based business model. The second is its solution architecture that eliminates the traditional network hierarchies for traffic between neighboring villages, minimizing the capital and operational expenditure for operators,” said N.K.Goyal, Chairman Emeritus, TEMA.

"The key challenge for the rural connectivity is affordability.
Typically consumers in rural areas can only spend very little on mobile services. Nokia Siemens Networks has designed the Village Connection solution to address these challenges by combining technology with business model innovation," said Prashant Agnihotri, Head of GSM/EDGE product management, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Village Connection Solution is operational in 4 states across India.

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