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Meshing DVB-RCS VSAT Nets A STM Group First

20 июня 2008

STM Group has announced their R&D center, operated by STM Norway AS, has completed the development of the first DVB-RCS compatible mesh VSAT network system, as an extension of its SatLink product platform.

The new SatLink 1910 Mesh VSAT is enabled via a simple plug-in card upgrade to the current SatLink 1910, a DVB-RCS certified VSAT. This equips the VSAT to receive burst communications on four concurrent MF-TDMA carriers. Such assures non-blocking mesh networking performance for voice and data to typical end-user sites. STM is also introducing this year mesh gateway systems within the SatLink product line to serve as high-traffic concentration points. These systems concurrently transmit and receive over many DVB-RCS compliant MF-TDMA carriers. All SatLink VSAT systems also receive network control and user data via DVB-S2 ACM compliant TDM carriers. One of the unique capabilities of the SatLink mesh product line is its dynamic IP routing in large, full-mesh environments with QoS and TCP acceleration applied. This capability allows the terminals to establish routes automatically, based on current traffic patterns and link conditions, and to allocate MF-TDMA carrier capacity using differentiated service criteria for voice, interactive video, critical user data, and best-effort traffic accordingly. STM’s new mesh products will be exhibited at the CommunicAsia 2008 conference and exhibition in Singapore.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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