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Ukrainian Telesystems Launches CDMA FMC Service in Kharkiv

30 июня 2008

The CDMA operator now provides the opportunity use a telephone as a mobile phone outdoors, and as a fixed-line when indoors, charged according to fixed-line tariffs.

The service also allows data transmission channels on the same network. There are two tariff plans, allowing 400 minutes of calls and 25 MB of internet traffic for a monthly fee of 25 hryvnias (US$5.5), and allowing 2,500 minutes of calls and 50 MB of internet traffic for 65 hyrvnias. Intra-network text messages will cost 0.05 hyrvnias, while text messages sent to other networks will cost 0.25 hyrvnias. Ukrainian TeleSystems, which operates under the "PEOPLEnet" brand, is one of the largest of the country's CDMA operators.

Significance: The FMC package is the latest in a string of services from Ukrainian TeleSystems and expands its service portfolio. The operator offers 3G in Ukraine through CDMA 2000 1X EV-DO Rev. A technology, and is targeting 100,000 3G subscribers by the end of 2008. It will hope that the range of services from a single handset and simple billing enabled by FMC will drive uptake. Although mobile subscriber numbers have risen sharply in Ukraine in recent years, fixed-line numbers have remained fairly flat, indicating that many subscribers retain their fixed-lines despite adopting mobile phones. 

Источник: http://communicationsdirectnews.com

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