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VT iDirect Helps With Panasonic's Fly High Broadband

11 июля 2008

iDirect, a subsidiary of VT Systems, and Panasonic have joined forces on a major technology licensing agreement. Panasonic will license iDirect’s satellite IP router technology as a core component of the Panasonic eXConnect in-flight satellite transmission platform.

Panasonic eXConnect provides two-way broadband connectivity for a broad range of passenger and crew applications. Capabilities include Internet access as well as live video programming, telemedicine, and the ability to monitor and report critical flight information in real time. Representing a nexgen solution, Panasonic eXConnect will overcome critical technical limitations of delivering in-flight broadband connectivity and expand airlines’ opportunities to market the service. The system features significantly lighter airborne electronics equipment, an ultra-small satellite antenna, iDirect’s highly efficient spread spectrum mobile waveform, and Intelsat’s global Ku-band broadband coverage. In addition, Panasonic eXConnect leverages iDirect’s award-wining “Group Quality of Service” bandwidth management technology, which enables airlines to integrate and deliver a wide range of services beyond basic Internet access. These include live and premium in-flight entertainment services as well as voice applications, and allow airlines to capture additional pay-per-use and advertising revenues.By implementing iDirect’s satellite IP router technology, Panasonic is also able to reduce the operating cost and complexity of supporting in-flight broadband connectivity and offer the service for both continental and inter-continental flights.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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