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SkyWave Introduces New Dual-Mode IsatM2M Satellite/GPRS Terminal with On-board Computer for Enhanced Fleet Tracking Applications

23 июля 2008

SkyWave Mobile Communications, a global provider of two-way Inmarsat satellite products and services, has introduced the SureLinx 8100c Satellite/GPRS terminal.

With an on-board computer (OBC), Controlled Area Network (CAN), RS485 and RS232 interfaces, this new product offers transportation and logistics managers a flexible and low-cost option for communicating with vehicles in both urban and remote locations.

The SureLinx 8100c combines SkyWave's IsatM2M satellite technology with worldwide cellular capabilities and intelligent message routing in a single integrated package. Designed to minimize networking costs as well as increase communication reliability and coverage, SureLinx 8100c allows customers to take advantage of low cost, high-data rate GPRS networks in cellular regions and seamlessly switch to reliable satellite communication in other areas.

The SureLinx 8100c is the only dual-mode service terminal with an on-board computer that uses Inmarsat's global satellite service. Using the industry standard C-programming language, customers can effortlessly create tailored applications without the expense and complexities of adding an external computer. Since SkyWave is the only service provider to offer IsatM2M on Inmarsat's PAC-C satellite service at 142°W (which provides superb coverage in Western USA) the SureLinx 8100c is the only terminal that can offer the ability to track and monitor vehicles globally in near-real time without any interruption in service.

Standard CAN interfaces allow the addition of engine monitoring capabilities to vehicle tracking applications. CAN is a highly prevalent data protocol for communicating between devices in the automotive, controls and industrial sector. It supports other communication protocols like SAE J1939 and CiA CANopen. With CAN on SureLinx 8100c, fleet managers can add vehicle-diagnostic capabilities including fuel monitoring, speeding, idling, engine and transmission maintenance requirements and cargo security alerts. All these are designed to reduce costs associated with fuel usage, vehicle maintenance and driver abuse.

"Due to the high operating costs and the competitive nature of the business, fleet managers are looking for messaging terminals that are flexible, powerful, inexpensive to operate and easy to use," says Dan Poirier, Vice President of Sales and Service at SkyWave. "The SureLinx 8100c provides these competitive advantages in a low-cost, dual-mode package without the complexities of dealing with multiple vendors and costs of integrating and installing multiple hardware boxes."

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