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Tata Communications Launches Dedicated Point to Multipoint Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet Worldwide

14 августа 2008

Global Ethernet leader offers new configurations to deliver unmatched flexibility, scalability and performance.

Tata CommunicationsTata Communications, a leading provider of the new world of communications, announced today the introduction of two new Ethernet services to extend the company's industry-leading, global Wide Area Network (WAN) Ethernet Portfolio: Dedicated Point to Multipoint Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet. With these new services, Tata Communications further strengthens its leading position in the global WAN Ethernet market, offering customers three different service options across India and to major business centers in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, and soon, the Middle East.

Dedicated Point to Multipoint Ethernet delivers a hub and spoke network model for transmitting content between a central location, such as a corporate headquarters or data processing center, and satellite locations. While the Dedicated Multipoint service allows customers to deploy any-to-any network topology to create a global Ethernet WAN for the free flow of information. Diverse global locations can communicate on a network that creates the feeling of a virtual business campus, with users around the world communicating as if they were in adjacent offices.

"These two new services further deepen our WAN Ethernet Service set, provide additional value to our customers and provide high quality services with features not found elsewhere in the market," said James Walker, Vice President, Global VPN Services for Tata Communications. "Our new services combined with our global rollout of new Ethernet PoPs deliver on our commitment to provide the most flexible and complete set of Ethernet services to the widest range of global destinations."

Dedicated Point to Multipoint Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet services extend the breadth and flexibility of Tata Communications' WAN Ethernet portfolio, which enables enterprises to select or combine from the range of services to create the most appropriate Ethernet network for their needs.  These new services feature MAC address forwarding, completely private networks for each customer, and customer-premise to customer-premise SLAs.

In addition, both Dedicated Point to Multipoint Ethernet and Dedicated Multipoint Ethernet are MEF 9 and MEF 14 certified, indicating compliance with the international standards developed by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), a global industry alliance of more than 120 organizations. Tata Communications was the first provider to pass the more than 400 service tests required to achieve these certifications across its entire global network.

"As enterprises expand globally, they need network options that reduce service complexity and costs, while offering enhanced flexibility and security," said John Hoffman, Head of Ethernet Product Management for Tata Communications. "Our Dedicated Global Ethernet portfolio now offers the widest range of network configurations to deliver Ethernet services that are cost-effective, flexible, and reliable. The service meets the needs of a diverse range of customers, including financial institutions, IT and Systems Integration companies, manufacturing conglomerates, educational institutions, and global media houses."

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