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HD TV Isn't Blu

01 сентября 2008

Discussions have taken place regarding what is going to happen with the arrival of Full HD television service, and what, if any affect it will have on the sales of Blu-ray discs or players.

Experts from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service have conducted a report entitled “Full HD: Blu-ray Camp Claims Broadcasters ‘Mislead’ Consumers.” They report that satellite companies DirecTV and Dish Network in the U.S., as well as cable operator Numericable in France, have recently introduced Full HD programming in the 1080p format. The Blu-ray Disc Association has objected to claims that these services deliver high definition picture and sound equal to that delivered by Blu-ray Disc, and suggests that these comparisons are irresponsible and misleading to consumers. Strategy Analytics believes that satellite providers are competing primarily with cable and IPTV companies, and not with the Blu-ray Disc format itself.

“1080p, or Full HD, is the video quality benchmark set by the Blu-ray Disc format,” notes David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “It was inevitable that television service providers would seek to emulate this standard, but their aim is primarily to increase the pressure on rival services, rather than compete with Blu-ray itself.”

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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