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Women in IT rate Thatcher as best leader

01 октября 2008

Female respondents to a poll carried out at a recent networking event held by Women In Technology voted Margaret Thatcher as their most popular leader.

Women In Technology is an information portal and networking resource for women working in technology roles.

The poll ranked Thatcher as a greater inspiration than other leaders, such as Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.

Respondents cited the former prime minister's 'strength' as being the most important factor in their decision.

One said that Thatcher "had the ability to lead from the front and make the tough decisions that aren't always the popular ones".

Another added: "She believed in herself and through her example made women believe in themselves and respect other women's ability to lead. Before her we were still struggling for equal pay and people forget this.

In countries where they do not have such a woman as a role model leader they are still fighting these ideological battles today."

Valued qualities in a leader, according to the poll results, include 'honesty', 'motivation', 'approachability' and the 'ability to lead by example'. Qualities most disliked are 'arrogance', 'self-absorption' and 'micro management'.

"This research shows that women appreciate having strong female role models to inspire them," said Maggie Berry, director of Women In Technology.

"It is great to see that many of the women at the event realised that they could be inspirational leaders without necessarily having to be a manager.

"Developing more female leaders is something that would really help women make their mark on the technology workforce and hopefully Women In Technology is helping to do this."

Источник: vnunet.com

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