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UltiSat's VSAT Network of More than 200 in 100 in Less than 12

28 октября 2008

UltiSat, Inc., a global satellite communications provider and systems integrator completed the migration of a nongovernmental organization's global VSAT network comprising more than 200 sites in nearly 100 countries.

Using leased capacity on six different satellites and a multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) terrestrial network infrastructure, UltiSat operates and maintains this closed and secure global network in some of the world's most remote and harsh environments. As part of its implementation program, UltiSat completed regulatory filings, obtained host-nation agreements (HNA), and secured operating licenses for all terminals in all countries in less than 12 months.  The network is deployed on the iDirect Infiniti series platform for primary communications, with BGAN integrated for backup communications at the extremely difficult to reach locations.

"Our goal was to ensure that migration of this network could be completed on time, efficiently and seamlessly without disrupting the critical applications traffic of our customer's day-to-day operations," said Moe Abutaleb, president of UltiSat, "To achieve this, we established a global organization with technical and operations staff positioned to provide the resources necessary to effectively implement and execute a program of this scope and scale."

The customer's mission is to provide highly reliable communications and transport for data products that receive, collect, process, analyze, and report on information received from remote stations located around the world.
As part of its 10-year contract, UltiSat has designed, implemented and commissioned a very secure hybrid satellite/terrestrial network to accomplish the objectives of this mission.

"Not only were we successful in updating and migrating the previous network onto our advanced global infrastructure, but our international and logistics experience enabled us to meet the numerous supply, procurement, regulatory and implementation challenges associated with a project of this magnitude," stated Abutaleb.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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