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Mobile Web Sites Average, At Best, According To Yankee Group

26 ноября 2008

Yankee Group has released a new report that shows mobile web sites struggle to deliver an effective experience to the millions of consumers they serve. Based on a new Yankee Group methodology, the report, “The Best of the Anywhere Web,” scores 32 mobile web sites on a scale of 1 to 100 and finds not one web site with a passing grade of 70.

The mobile web site market is growing at a rate of 10 percent per month and is expected to become users’ preferred method of accessing the web in the next 10 years. Therefore, the mobile Web platform represents a major opportunity for companies to leverage, especially in tough economic times when other market opportunities may be stagnating. Carl Howe, a director in Yankee Group’s Anywhere Consumer research group and the report’s author, says, “Satisfying mobile users isn’t rocket science, yet our report finds that the average mobile Web site has significant room for improvement. Although most of these Web sites are functional, few provide anything specifically designed for mobile users, instead relying on reformatted desktop content. The average score of 54 shows just what these sites are: average.”

The report highlights finds financial services mobile web sites ranked best overall, with only two sites scoring in the “Needs Improvement” range below 50 — air travel mobile Web sites naturally serve mobile users, but are inconsistent in offering help to Web users on the go. Yankee Group's Mobile Web Scorecard consists of 25 questions designed to evaluate performance in five key categories: user, device, network, design and effectiveness. Yankee Group Consulting performs custom evaluations for companies, providing a detailed assessment, benchmarking and specific recommendations based on scorecard results.

Источник: www.digigonews.com

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