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Study: European data pricing stunts content growth

22 декабря 2008

Some European subscribers face data charges as high as €10 (about $14.58 U.S.) to download a single 2 MB song to their mobile handsets according to new research issued by mobile transaction solutions provider mBlox, which contends that data pricing varies so widely between operators that it's virtually impossible for consumes to make sense of applicable fees.

The mBlox study notes that while some operators charge as little as 75p ($1.16) to download a track, the small print outlining ‘fair usage' within the Terms and Conditions can translate to considerably higher costs--while £10 (about $15.50 U.S.)  represents the highest cost to download an average 2 MB song via pay-as-you-go tariff in the U.K., data can cost as much as €5 ($7.29 U.S.) per MB in France. Germany offers more reasonable alternatives, with several premier service providers offering data traffic at 0.24€ (34 cents U.S.) per MB.

mBlox argues that operators should respond by adopting a "sender pays" business model, with mobile content and services providers shouldering the burden for data transmission charges instead of the consumer. The company can then choose to include this cost in the overall price of their content or service, guaranteeing more transparent pricing for subscribers.

Источник: FierceMobileContent

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