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Hughes' SPACEWAY 3 Core Of New CrisisCom Program

12 января 2009

Hughes Network Systems has launched their Inter-Government Crisis Network (IGCN), a satellite-based solution that enables government agencies to communicate securely and reliably in preparing for and responding to an emergency.

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan whitepaper entitled: The Case for an Inter-Governmental Crisis Network, January 7, 2009, the primary problem is not the ability of first responders to communicate with each other in the field, but the inability to coordinate multi-agency response efforts at the decision-maker level. IGCN operates over SPACEWAY 3 from Hughes. This commercial satellite system offers onboard switching and routing, providing flexible and cost-effective broadband connectivity throughout North America for federal, state, and local government agencies. With the capability to instantly create any number of user groups on demand when a crisis hits, IGCN results in a cyber-attack safe, cost-effective environment that is unaffected by events on the ground and is interoperable among multiple agencies and levels of government. The key benefits of IGCN based on SPACEWAY® 3 capabilities include:

  • Bandwidth-on-Demand: unique bandwidth-on-demand feature supports multiple classes of service, including Constant Bit Rate (CBR) applications such as voice, video-conferencing, and new high-definition telepresence applications
  • Path-diversity: offers a true alternate path, redundant networking option ensuring that an agency can stay connected even if its primary terrestrial network fails
  • Compliance with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-20: facilitates compliance with the HSPD-20 requirement that agencies provide for “the availability and redundancy of critical communications capabilities at alternate sites…
  • Security: it operates independently of the Internet, so member networks have the benefit of communications connectivity without potential breaches of security
  • Interoperability: enables agencies to establish pre-defined user groups as needed and on demand, facilitating rapid and responsive communications during a crisis
  • Compliance with National Response Framework (NRF): ensures communications continuity among inter-governmental leadership in support of NRF requirements to restore public safety communications systems
  • Cost-effective: provides flexible architecture and selectable service plans

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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