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FlexiPacket Microwave solution from NSN changes the dynamics of the radio world

18 февраля 2009

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a next generation full packet microwave solution, that will transform the way operators provide compelling multimedia data services to their customers.

FlexiPacket Microwave breaks the existing barriers, combining Carrier Ethernet Transport with Microwave Radio with a unique approach, while enabling zero footprint base station solutions (no base station shelter required). This data centric approach will allow operators to offer attractive pricing models for data intensive applications and to provide the quality of service necessary to drive mass market, reliable services.


A major operational cost factor for operators is the administration of the network. The network management system for FlexiPacket Microwave offers unparalleled features which simplifies the network management, eliminating the need to configure individual nodes and perform laborious traffic engineering. Instead, end-to-end connections are set up in a point-and-click fashion. The network management system can be integrated with other network and service management systems from Nokia Siemens Networks’ wide portfolio, providing network operators holistic management capabilities.

“FlexiPacket Microwave is more than Ethernet over microwave. It addresses the whole chain in mobile networking: Radio, hub-site and network management, with carrier-grade quality of service,” said Vesa Tykkyläinen, head Nokia Siemens Networks’ Microwave Radio business.

FlexiPacket Microwave Radio provides the complete set of Carrier Ethernet functionality thanks to a built-in Carrier Ethernet engine. With zero footprint suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, it offers a capacity of up to 1 Gbit per second due to the adoption of the most advanced state of the art Microwave technology. Therefore FlexiPacket Radio is the ideal basis for the implementation of HSPA+ , WiMax and LTE.


The FlexiPacket Hub based on the industry renowned A-series 2200 from Nokia Siemens Networks, provides Carrier Ethernet quality of service (QoS) and end-to-end synchronization and serves as the aggregation point for the traffic coming from the radios. To optimize hub-site design FlexiPacket Hub offers 16 ports connecting up to 16 microwave radios in a 2U high rack. This high-density solution presents the smallest multiple direction nodes ever developed, and offers on average an 80 percent space savings versus conventional TDM Microwave hubs*. FlexiPacket Hub is designed to save CAPEX and OPEX from the start due to the small size and large scalability, while the Carrier Ethernet support eliminates the need for external routers.


FlexiPacket Microwave is a key element of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Mobile Backhaul leadership. In combination with Carrier Ethernet Transport, it fully satisfies the requirements that 2G, 3G, WiMax and LTE impose to the backhaul network. It is optimized for carrying vast amounts of packet traffic in a cost efficient manner, whilst ensuring lowest possible latency and synchronisation. With unparalleled features and management capabilities, this solution has an excellent balance of the right technology for future investments while enabling cost savings for operators today.


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