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Stepping into the next generation – Announcing 4GTrends

04 марта 2009

The wireless industry has been referencing it. Wireless users have been looking for it. And we here at WiMAX Trends and Mobile Internet Trends have been reporting on it. So what is it? It is the convergence of high performance wireless infrastructure and devices, pervasive, Anywhere connectivity to the Internet and an ever-evolving spectrum of compelling applications for consumers and enterprises alike – it is the world of 4G wireless.

WiMAX Trends and Mobile Internet Trends have served as two very successful vehicles for providing current and proactive insights into what has been considered as two different areas of the wireless ecosystem. Advances in infrastructure and device technologies, applications and business models are quickly demonstrating that these areas can no longer be viewed or fully understood in isolation of each other. Technology lines are blurring and in essence, we have reached the crossroads of convergence.

Depending on where you sit in the wireless ecosystem, it is likely that your definition of 4G may be different from that of others. What most can quickly agree upon though, is that underlying all 4G wireless networks there is a fully-IP infrastructure. Without prejudice to the claims of these technologies and without being exhaustive such wireless IP networks would currently include WiMAX (802.16e and 802.16m), 3GPP LTE and WiBro.


By Andrew Mitchell

Источник: WiMAX Trends

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