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New Grant-Ready Proxim Product Bundled for Cost-Effective Broadband Wireless Deployments

12 марта 2009

Proxim Wireless Corporation announced a new bundle of wireless broadband radios designed to help ISPs and carriers deliver broadband connectivity, as well as IPTV and VoIP services, at a fraction of the cost of delivering basic data services with wired technology.

In light of several worldwide economic programs (i.e., the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, The German Konjunkturpaket, the Digital Britain plan and more), many service providers will be looking to secure grants to expand broadband service to under-served and rural areas. In order to enable the cost effective buildout of these networks, Proxim is introducing product bundles that provide 20 of Proxim’s new Tsunami™ 5012-CPE license-free WiMAX subscriber units, which are designed specifically for the global residential market and accelerate the service provider's break-even point.


In addition, Proxim also announced today the availability of its Government Grant Resource Guide. This document provides customers an overview of the options that are available to help fund wireless broadband networks today and to help customers start their analysis of these potential funding options.


“For years, Proxim has been enabling service providers all across the world to cost-effectively expand their broadband services to rural areas, but in this economic climate, we decided to create a grant-ready product bundle that reduces the cost barriers to entry even further,” said Geoff Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Proxim Wireless. “The many global economic reform packages that have been put in place provide a great deal of support for extending broadband networks to rural areas, but those funds must be used wisely. This new product bundle gives all service providers – regardless of size – a great solution for building out large rural broadband networks at a price point much lower than possible with wired technology.”


The new Tsunami 5012-CPE is a special version of Proxim’s Tsunami 5012-SUR point-to-multipoint residential subscriber unit, specifically created for the ISP market and bundled in a 20 pack with power injectors included for each unit. These unlicensed WiMAX radios are enhanced with Proxim’s proprietary Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol (WORP) technology, providing a simple, cost-effective and high-performance wireless broadband CPE solution. As a result, any organization looking to secure grants from the US’ Rural Utilities Service (RUS), the UK’s Digital Britain plan, or other national grant programs can make better use of those funds and extend their broadband services further.


“When it comes to building out our broadband networks to serve remote areas, there is no question that wireless technology is a key enabler,” said Thamir Tawfiq, Director of Engineering at InfoGate, a wireless ISP (WISP) in Iraq. “Proxim’s wireless broadband equipment enables us to provide the same – and often better – performance of wired networks, but at a fraction of the cost of wired technology since we can eliminate the high cost of materials and deployment associated with wired networks. These new 5012-CPE bundles drop the price point for wireless broadband expansion significantly, which means that we can accomplish even more and extend these broadband networks even further at a lower cost.”


The Tsunami 5012-CPE provides maximum throughput performance set to 12 Mbps downlink and 1 Mbps uplink. This allows ISPs to not only provide basic data services but also support VOIP and IPTV applications for their customers at an extremely attractive price point. Service providers also have the opportunity to up-sell their customers to higher data rates than basic connectivity, which provides an opportunity for revenue growth.


Wired Network Performance and Security

  • Throughput comparable to cable/DSL with maximum rates set to 12 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream.
  • Supports up to 8 QoS Classes; Supports up to 8 Service Flows per class.
  • Scheduled media access controller (MAC) enables a base station to hear all subscriber units, preventing nodes from interfering with each other and increasing system throughput.
  • Advanced encryption with AES protects over-the-air transmission, while intracell blocking forbids direct communication between subscriber units.

Accelerating the Break-Even Point for Large-Scale Broadband Wireless Networks

  • Higher throughput, QoS and Bandwidth management allow service providers to deploy higher level services like IPTV and VoIP to generate more revenue.
  • License-free frequency bands provide reliable wireless broadband worldwide without the high cost of securing licensed frequencies. Supports all frequencies from 5.15-6.08GHz in a single unit depending on country selected.
  • Low-cost bundles with both radios and power injectors provide aggressive price point, reducing cost barriers for wireless broadband.

Easy Installation and Compatibility with Existing Tsunami Products

  • Designed for quick, easy installation and compatible with all existing Tsunami MP.11 products.
  • Outdoor unit contains a 18 dBi integrated flat panel antenna.
  • Deployment tools include antenna alignment and remote management configuration.
  • Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) enhances non-line-of-sight performance, improving deployment in challenging areas.

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