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Home Builder Selects Proxim to Enable Completely Wireless Development

26 марта 2009

Proxim Wireless Corporation announced that a new community in Missouri has been built using Proxim’s wireless technology to provide the entire town the capability of broadband access, wireless VoIP, and video surveillance. The community, New Town at St. Charles, utilizes Proxim’s wireless backhaul, WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies for a complete end-to-end wireless network that saves the town up to $4,000 per month in leased line costs.

“The Proxim network is a huge cost saver for the town – which makes it more affordable for new businesses to set up shop in New Town at St. Charles,” said Jason Crane, IT Director at Whittaker Homes, one of Missouri’s largest homebuilders. “Not only does this save money on ongoing broadband access costs, but it significantly reduced the up-front cost of deployment. These cost benefits, combined with how quickly and easily the network was deployed and can scale in the future, made Proxim an easy choice as our broadband wireless partner of choice.”


To cost-effectively provide New Town at St. Charles with broadband capable of city-wide connectivity, VoIP services and video surveillance, Whittaker Homes and city planners brought in TSI Integrated Technologies (TSI-IT), a St. Charles-based engineering, integration and consulting firm that specializes in the deployment of broadband and wireless networks and VoIP solutions. After Whittaker Homes had investigated competing products and found them incapable of supporting the town’s needs, TSI-IT suggested Proxim’s products for the network. TSI-IT designed and deployed a complete end-to-end wireless network utilizing Proxim’s GigaLink® radios for wireless backhaul, Proxim’s Tsunami™ MP.11 5054 radios for point-to-multipoint links throughout the town, and Proxim’s ORiNOCO® AP-4000 radios to provide Wi-Fi connectivity.


“The New Town at St. Charles presented a unique opportunity – the opportunity to start from scratch and build the best broadband network from the ground up,” said Rob Cevasco, Technology Solution Manager at TSI-IT. “Rather than spending the exorbitant amounts of money required to trench and deploy fiber, we automatically suggested deploying an end-to-end wireless network from Proxim. This way, we were able to keep the costs low while ensuring the same level of performance and service one would get from a wired broadband network.”


Proxim’s wireless network plays a key role in keeping overall broadband costs down, which makes New Town at St. Charles an even more attractive place for residents to live and new businesses to operate. In addition to the cost savings, Proxim’s wireless network enables the following applications in New Town at St. Charles:

  • Wireless backhaul, eliminating the need for costly wired backhaul and reducing monthly leased line costs
  • City-wide wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, providing all residents the ability to connect from public areas throughout the town
  • Wireless video surveillance enabled via high throughput point-to-multipoint links that backhaul the video traffic wirelessly, avoiding the added cost of wiring each camera and providing flexibility to move cameras when needed
  • Business connectivity, reducing the cost of broadband connectivity for business owners
  • Building to building connectivity via Proxim’s point-to-multipoint solutions

The New Town at St. Charles is a new community outside the city of St. Charles, Missouri that was designed by Whittaker Homes – one of Missouri’s largest builders. The idea was to create a new community that recaptured the essence of a classic American town while fusing it with modern-day amenities. One aspect of the town’s “classic” design is that it was designed with the goal of enabling residents to easily walk to key areas, giving it the charm and convenience of a classic small town. In deciding how to provide this classically designed town with the convenience of modern amenities, Whittaker Homes and city planners decided that utilizing an end-to-end wireless network throughout the town would provide the best network services at a price point that was accessible for residents and attractive enough to draw in new businesses.


“This project provided a blank canvas in which we could highlight the performance, ease of use and cost benefits of a truly end-to-end wireless network,” said Pankaj Manglik, president and CEO, Proxim Wireless. “This network is now supporting the full range of quad-play services, including wireless data, voice, video and mobility. And most importantly, the reduced cost of the network enables these services to be offered at a price point that attracts both new residents and businesses to the town.”

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