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Boingo roams with Golden Telecom for comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage in Moscow

01 ноября 2007

The addition of Golden Telecom’s WiFi network marks Boingo’s first expansion into Russia. The metropolitan WiFi network gives Boingo blanket coverage of Moscow through more than 7,500 WiFi access points integrated into a single network.

Recently, the Golden WiFi network in Moscow officially recognized as the world largest metropolitan WiFi network, has been added to the Boingo Roaming System.

The agreement between Golden Telecom and Boingo means that now Boingo’s users have access to the world’s top three metropolitan networks including Qware System’s Taiwan network, The Cloud’s network throughout London and now Golden WiFi in Moscow.

“Golden Telecom’s advanced network is a great addition to our European network expansion and introduces our roaming system into Russia,” said Luis SERRANO, Boingo Vice-President Network Strategy. “With the world’s top-three largest metropolitan WiFi networks in our roaming system, Boingo is a great choice – now, more than ever – for the business traveler who needs to be online and productive wherever they go.”

“We’ve chosen Boingo as our first roaming partner to open the Golden WiFi network to more international travelers,” said Dmitry BRAGIN, Golden Telecom Vice-President of Consumer Market Solutions Business Unit. “Our Golden WiFi wireless internet access service is a critical element of the company’s strategy and our future success. We are glad to work with Boingo to attract new clients and to move our network to the next phase of development through signing of further roaming agreements.”

Источник: «Голден Телеком»

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