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What Global Economic Crisis? Asks Satellite SCADA/M2M Industry

07 мая 2009

Encouraging information is somewhat limited these days, however, NSR released its newest market survey and forecast report: Global SCADA and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) via Satellite Markets.

The report provides an in-depth overview of demand trends for SCADA and M2M satellite communications services around the globe from 2008-2018 by tracking requirements for four distinct vertical markets. SCADA made simple

While many industries experienced declines in business and economic activity, players in the satellite SCADA/M2M sector actually experienced growth in 2008. Trends through the 1st Quarter of 2009 likewise showed sustainable growth levels, supporting the notion that satellite SCADA/M2M may actually be non-cyclical and recession-proof.

The key to market sustainability resides in the customer base of the satellite SCADA/M2M industry. Four distinct vertical markets were analyzed in the study, including: the Transportation/Cargo Vertical; the Oil & Gas Industry; the Utility Industry; and Emerging Markets that include government/military demand as well as emerging Green Energy sectors.

The very nature of the customer segments leads to continued operations of basic functions such as pipeline monitoring, leak detection and security-related activities. Mission-critical business activities cannot stop or slow down despite pressing financial challenges such as drastic changes in oil prices that have led to declining profits. In the government/military side, anti-terrorism and peacekeeping efforts are unrestrained by developments in the credit markets.

"Over time, satellite SCADA/M2M will not only continue to experience growth but will likely receive a boost due to pressing needs that are now within the domain of national security," states Jose Del Rosario, Senior Analyst of NSR and author of the report. It has been widely reported that spies have infiltrated the U.S. power grid, and security experts have stated that technology protecting grids has not kept pace with potential threats. Oil & gas pipelines are likewise vulnerable to attacks that cripple economic activity as well as damage the environment covering large geographic areas. And finally, piracy that threatens human life and cargo aboard maritime vessels affects businesses and governments around the globe.

"Many industries will have to take extra security measures, while the U.S. and other governments may have to step in to address key issues. In industries covering wide geographies, satellite SCADA/M2M will be invaluable for operational as well as emerging security requirements," added Del Rosario.

Источник: http://www.satnews.com

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