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Ericsson provides personalised mobile ads to TeliaSonera

27 мая 2009

Ericsson and TeliaSonera have signed an agreement introducing a new mobile advertising solution in Sweden which allows companies to offer ads tailored to fit consumers' personal needs and interests.

The two companies have signed a contract for personal mobile advertising - the first on the market for this type of commercial system. Personal Pod Advertising is currently being implemented and will be launched commercially during 2009.
Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly popular among companies wanting to reach out to specific target groups. With Ericsson's Personal Pod Advertising service, companies with loyalty programs can offer consumers a new way of receiving ads tailored to their specific tastes.
The Personal Pod Advertising service, part of Ericsson's Mobile TV solution, allow advertisements to be sent out as podcasts overnight when traffic is low. The solution offers significant benefits for both operators, who earn revenue on ads sent out, and for retail companies, which can track consumer behavior and interact with specific target groups.

By making active choices on advertising companies' websites, consumers can create a personal user profile that mirrors their areas of interest. Consumers receive updates on their favorite brands via text, video or radio advertisements sent to their mobile phones. They can also share the information with friends and family, paid for by the advertiser.
Mikael Bäckström, President Ericsson Nordic and Baltics, says: "Personal Pod Advertising is a perfect example of Ericsson's expertise in developing innovative multimedia solutions to create new business models and help operators increase revenue streams."
Erik Hallberg, Senior Vice President and Head of at TeliaSonera Mobility Services in Sweden, says: "Partnering with Ericsson lets us enter a new market segment offering retail companies a new tool for reaching consumers with specific information and advertising which the consumers themselves have signed on for. This service has also been successfully developed and tested with a media company in Sweden


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