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Sony Ericsson says it has new focus

01 июня 2009

Sony Ericsson said it is aiming to play catch up with, and overtake, Apple and Nokia, with the three handsets it launched yesterday - the Satio (formerly known as the Idou), the Aino and the Yari. 

With the phones offering tight integration to content services (BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook) and applications (gaming, TV) the buzz from Sony Ericsson was around the "Communications Entertainment" experience.

Although Sony Ericsson has announced it requires funding and investment, Lennard Hoornik, Sony Ericsson’s Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing, who said that there is "massive confidence" in the company and that the staff working for the vendor have "a twinkle in their eye because they know what's coming".

"Operators are confirming that excitement that we have," he added, claiming that Sony Ericsson is on the march to creating "new experiences" in the industry. One of the issues he highlighted is making content and services more discoverable and easy to use. 

What, we wanted to know, do operators make of Sony Ericsson's renewed focus on the services it can offer, up to and including a re-launched App Store that is coming soon? For instance, the Yari will push content to the idle screen, such as new game releases, that consumers can download. Do operators willingly give up that real estate on the handset?

"It's a good question. Two to three years ago specific operators were very much of a mind to be in control of customisation. But if you look at the last 18 months you can see that relaxing on their part. We've been very loyal to operators, and still are," Hoornik said. "Operators are very focussed on increasing the data subscriptions, and on the increased use of more services. A focus on improving the discovery and experience on the handset will speed these things up. So we work with them."

Hoornik admitted that the company is behind Nokia on its services strategy, behind Apple on its user experience focus, and as a smaller company struggles to make itself heard. "We have a lot of respect for Apple in the way that it reshaped the market," he said. "And we haven't done as good a job on our music service as Nokia [with Comes with Music]."

But he is confident that is going to change. He said that the coming app store is really a evolution of the existing content portal Sony Ericsson runs.

"We are confident we offer an easy path to monetisation for developers, and content owners," he said.  

He said the company would have an Android-based device out soon, but couldn't go into any further details. He added that SE is also committed to the Windows Mobile platform.  


by Keith Dyer


Источник: Mobile Europe

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