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Spain to reserve digital dividend spectrum for mobile

09 июня 2009

Spain's industry ministry has said it will reserve spectrum in the 790-862MHz bands for mobile operators. The spectrum will be released by the switch over to digital TV, but mobile operators in the country hoping for a boost will have to wait until 2015.

Spain has a target of April 2010 to switch from analogue to digital TV, but the government wants to allow television stations to continue to use the spectrum for analog and digital broadcasts for a period after the switchoff.  The ministry didn't  outline the process for re-allocating  the spectrum, but said it was likely to be reserved for cellular use.

“This is an extremely welcome move by the Spanish Government which will allow the Spanish people to realise the full potential of the digital dividend,” said Tom Phillips Chief Government and Regulatory Affairs Officer, GSMA. “The GSMA calls on other governments in Europe and across the world to act equally decisively and also allocate this spectrum band to mobile broadband services.  A harmonised approach will stimulate competition in the mobile market, encourage economic growth and deliver consumers new services at lower cost.”

Spectrum allocation is  subject to subsidiarity, in other words it is not something that can be mandated from within the EU. Therefore individual governments can pursue their own priorities.
Spain was a country that worried the mobile industry, although intsense lobbying looks to have paid off, albeit with a long handover period.

Attention will now most likely switch to
Italy, where the situation is still unclear. The GSMA and the mobile industry argue that allocating spectrum at these lower frequencies will boost the economies of the countries in question, as it makes it viable for operators to provide widespread mobile broadband coverage.

Источник: Mobile Europe

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