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Operators missing a trick on back-up services

15 июня 2009

Mobile operators that offer mass-market back-up, restore and security services to their subscribers will benefit from increased customer loyalty and revenues, Mformation’s commercial director, Rob Dalgety, told Mobile Europe.

At the moment, most such solutions are aimed at the enterprise Dalgety, said.

“We have yet to see anybody go to the mass market to offer this type of service in a platform-based way,” he said.

O2’s Bluebook, which offers users back-up and restore services for their digital data, such as photos and contacts, had a “high profile” Dalgety said. But there was little else on the market.

The opportunity for mobile operators is to be able to offer customers a service that will see automatic back up of contacts and data files, as well as remote lock and wipe, encryption and other security services.

As the most common churn point is a lost phone, such a solution could easily reduce churn, Dalgety said, and many may consider paying a small amount for such a service, as part of the insurance many subscribers already buy to cover lost handsets.

Yet mobile operators face a “service threat” from external players, such as Microsoft’s MyPhone service, as well as from the handset manufacturers themselves through their appstores. Dalgety said that the advanatage of using a mobile device management platform like mFormation’s is that the operators already have the capability in the network to offer services to a complete range of handsets and OS platforms.

Mformation commissioned research from Coleman Parkes that found that 82% of people fear that if their phones were lost or stolen, someone would use the information stored on them for fraudulent means. 90% of those questioned are worried about the loss of their personal data if a mobile device were to go missing, with 72% admitting that the personal information stored on their devices would be difficult to replace. In addition, 40% of respondents even said that losing a mobile would be worse than losing their wallet.

“Operators need to step up to the mark to make sure that their customers are getting the service they expect in terms of security, data recovery and phone setup,” said Dalgety.

Источник: Mobile Europe

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