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Valimo opens new office in Hong Kong

17 июня 2009

World-leading mobile authentication technology combines strong security and end-user convenience

Valimo, the global market leader in Mobile ID solutions, today announced the opening of a new sales office in Hong Kong. With stronger presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, Valimo aims at bringing its world-leading mobile authentication technology more widely available and to serve better its customers in the region. The new office will focus on building and developing relationships with leading mobile operators, banks, healthcare providers and governmental institutions.

Valimo recognizes the high mobile phone growth rate in the Asia-Pacific markets and fast adoption of new mobile innovations. According to Ovum analysts, the subscriber numbers are expected to increase from 1.4 billion in 2007 to 2.9 billion by 2013. This means that over 50% of the world’s mobile phone subscribers will reside in the APAC region by 2011. According to recent rankings by the analytics of Mobile World, five of the world’s ten largest mobile markets are located in the Asia-Pacific region: China, India, Indonesia, Japan and Pakistan.

Valimo Mobile ID technology enables convenient and secure use to digital services by using a mobile phone for authentication and signing. Mobile ID technology can be integrated in any service requiring strong authentication or a legally binding signature. Currently, Valimo Mobile ID is used in a variety of applications throughout the world, including mobile banking, governmental services, e-commerce and m-commerce applications, along with enterprise VPN access.

"Need for improved efficiency increases the push for digital authentication and signing," said Juha Murtopuro, CEO of Valimo. “Valimo Mobile ID enables mobile phone users to authenticate themselves and sign documents electronically wherever they are. Unlike pure authentication technologies like one-time pass codes, mobile ID also guarantees transaction confidentiality and a legally binding digital signature, data integrity and non-repudiation in finance, enterprise, e-government and e-commerce sectors.”

"Mobile penetration in the Asia-Pacific region is very high and the governments strongly support the combination of digital identity and mobile phone," said Juha Mitrunen, Senior Vice President of Valimo. “Several European operators have already recognised the business opportunities enabled by mobile authentication and signature technologies, and new services are being developed and brought available across the continent at a growing pace. Now we expect to see similar trend in the APAC market.”

Valimo Mobile ID can be used in any service requiring personal authentication, identification or a legally binding signature. It is based on Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI). Valimo is the global market leader in Mobile ID solutions in terms of both installation base and number of active users. Valimo solutions are used by operators, banks, enterprises, public sector, e-commerce and other service providers throughout the world.

“Mobile ID is ideal for example for authorising mobile payments, using bank and e-government services or authenticating oneself safely to enterprise networks and databases. As the system is both highly secure and convenient to use, it is appealing for both service providers and end-users,” adds Juha Mitrunen.

Valimo mobile signature can be used with all mobile phones and devices with a SIM card or other secure storage inside. The resulting safe and reliable digital authentication replaces various tokens, password and code lists. When using an online service requiring authentication or digital signing, the request is sent to the user’s mobile phone using secured SMS technology. The message pops up on the phone screen, asking the user to confirm his or her identity or approval by entering his or her personal PIN code. If the device is lost or stolen, the services cannot be accessed without re-entering the PIN.

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