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Survey: Handsets’ Fancy Features Unimportant

14 июля 2009

Today’s devices are like Swiss Army knives: they’re outfitted with anything and everything you could possibly need, from music players to video-streaming capabilities.

But for all the effort manufacturers have put into creating these technological marvels, most Americans don’t care about those features, according to a survey of 2,391 recent cell phone purchasers conducted by online wireless retailer Wirefly.

The survey, which asked consumers what factors influenced their decision to buy a handset, found that 64 percent were less concerned with high-tech features than they were with basic factors like the size and color of the phone.

Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed cited size and form as the most important, with 16 percent citing the device’s color as most important. Another 25 percent said other factors like ease of use, keypad size and affordability were their highest priority in choosing a handset.

In addition, although a majority of respondents bought handsets outfitted with photo, video streaming, Web browser/e-mail and music player capabilities, only a fraction consider them to be necessities and some report never using these features.

For instance, 94 percent of buyers choose a camera phone, although only 25 percent consider a built-in camera a requirement. Another example cited by Wirefly was a full Web brower and e-mail. Although 64 percent of respondents purchased a device with full Web browser and e-mail, 46 percent said they never use the function and only 15 percent cited it as a necessary feature.

The company also said that age played a significant role in determining the importance of cell phone features. Fifty-seven percent of survey respondents 50 years and older claim to only use their phone for calls, while just 5 percent of respondents 24 years and younger use the phone for just calling. 

Users between the ages of 31 and 40 were the most engaged with handsets’ applications; they use their phone’s GPS more than their counterparts and also check e-mail and listen to music on their devices. Consumers age 24 to 30 were the most likely to view videos and play games on their phone at least once a week.

By Maisie Ramsay


Источник: Wireless Week

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