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Life in 2020: Ericsson's viewpoint on the mobile world

17 июля 2009

In an attempt to predict how mobile technology might be used in the future, Ericsson has assembled a team of 450 to look at how socio-economic trends, consumer buying patterns and the sustainability of certain technologies might determine how life will have changed in the next decade.

Its ‘Life in 2020' project - which is made up of people from Ericsson, McKinsey, the Institute for the Future in California and the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies, has initially created 15 personas to illustrate how these individuals might use technology and 77 hypothetical gadgets in their daily lives.

Some of the devices that the group believes might be in use in 2020 include:

  • an Eco Passport - a handheld unit that tracks behaviour and awards points based upon eco-friendly choices.
  • the Office Aquarium - a business offering that provides video presence services.
  • the Spider Computer - a pocket-sized phone and powerful PC.
  • a Communications Sofa - a relaxing seat to enable access to multiple networks.

While some (most?) of these concepts are unlikely ever to be anything more than ‘slideware', at least Ericsson is making the effort to understand what might be possible in the next decade, and who might benefit from it.

Источник: FierceWireless:Europe

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