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Survey said to show rapid changes in the industry for mobile multimedia

29 июля 2009

3ple-Media announced the results from its annual survey, carried out among global respondents, which is said to show the top multimedia issues facing mobile operators are subscriber perceptions of cost and the relevance of multimedia content services on offer.

According to the survey, 78% of subscribers say they see their mobile operator as most like an ISP Provider (trusted with connectivity issues). This represents a 12% increase on last year's findings, and the growing public perception of the operator evolution towards multimedia service providers is in line with operators' own perceptions: 82% of AsiaPac operators and 72% of EMEA operators see themselves as most like ISP Providers.

The emergence of mobile multimedia has clearly made itself felt in the last twelve months with 45% of all survey participants saying they already receive free, relevant mobile multimedia on their phones, says 3ple. This marks a significant leap up from last year's figure of 15% saying the same. Year-on-year, the EMEA region registered the strongest growth with a 36% increase. The enthusiasm for mobile multimedia is unquestionably strong, claims 3ple, but the spectre of global recession has modified the conditions in which the opportunity can thrive. The issue of cost, or more specifically, the perception of cost, is highlighted as one of the central challenges.

According to the survey, 58% of subscribers believe that receiving mobile multimedia content will be too expensive - a considerable rise on last year's figure of 32% thinking the same. 65% of operators agree that the issue of expense is the biggest barrier to subscribers receiving multimedia content. In this case operators are dealing with two issues, says 3ple. The first is educating the subscriber base as to real, rather than perceived costs. The second is implementing business models and solutions that can protect and grow their ARPU margins in the wake of flat rate data charging.

StJohn Deakins, Chief Commercial Officer for 3ple-Media said: "The survey findings this year are indicative of the rapid changes occurring in the industry. The focus for operators is on becoming smart enablers of mobile multimedia services. They can achieve this by providing a better understanding of services, reducing market costs, ensuring relevance and aligning themselves to a rapid service integration strategy."

The cost conscious mindset amongst subscribers can be seen in their attitude to mobile advertising incentives: 43% of subscribers say they would be ‘most likely' to forward mobile advertising if the incentive was free talk-time minutes. Here the value of the incentive is both quantifiable and useful, and so most desirable. Operators may be undervaluing the incentive as only 35% thought this incentive the ‘most likely' to prompt subscribers to forward mobile advertising. 41% of subscribers said they were ‘quite likely' to forward mobile ads in exchange for free downloadable music tracks - up from the 30% who said the same last year. 55% of operators agree; an increase of 10% on last year's findings. The finding suggests operators need to forge new relationships with other industries or leverage local user generated content to make offerings like this work. The overall upward trend on these findings suggest subscribers are willing to embrace mobile advertising so long as incentives are in line with their expectations of what is equally valuable in the trade off.

72% of subscribers agree that multimedia services related to local information will be the most popular type of content in 3 year's time. Last year, only 12% thought the same. This gives weight to the notion that personally relevant content on the mobile device is one of the most fundamental concepts to making mobile multimedia work and awareness of this has resonated strongly with the majority of subscribers in the last year. 70% agree news based services will be the most popular - a significant rise from the 15% who thought the same last year. Music and sport based content gained an equal 3rd place in terms of agreement with 61% - last year they scored 10% and 11% respectively. The substantially higher figures this year suggest subscribers are becoming more aware of the value they place on specific types of content as experience of real services begins. Results from 12 months ago saw comparatively flat agreement across most content types.

Findings related to behavioural targeting are very encouraging for operators and show a far more accepting and compliant subscriber base than existed 12 months ago, says 3ple. 37% of subscribers expressed concerned but acceptance that this was part of the mobile multimedia process and an implicit means of delivering consistently personally and relevant content, including proactive recommendations. Last year only 15% of subscribers accepted this to be true.

Globally the respondents reach spans USA, South America, Europe, Russia, India, Middle East, and much of Asia including China, Hong Kong Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

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