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UK company unveils new range of dual-sim mobile phones

21 августа 2009

A range of dual-sim handsets have been launched by Onyx, a British handset company which claims to be finding and serving the gaps in the current handset market, both in the UK and internationally.

The new dual-sim handsets mean users can insert an additional sim-card to their main number allowing them to make full use of all the money-saving tariffs on offer, to save money on calls and texts at home or abroad; or conveniently to have only one handset for both business and personal calls.

The handsets being launched today are:

  • Flip - A lightweight and stylish clamshell dual-sim handset. The Flip is perfect for the style conscious looking to use multiple tariffs that best match their usage or save money on calls and texts while abroad.
  • Slider - A smart, music-player that also has email functionality and a 2MP camera, combined with a dual-sim mobile phone. With the Slider you can stay connected and save money while abroad; or have all your personal and business needs in one handset.
  • Nero - A handset that combines touch screen desirability, with dual-sim practicality. The Nero also has email functionality and a 2MP camera.

The range of dual-sim handsets has been launched to provide an alternative choice for consumers that might want:

  • To save money - by taking advantage of two different networks and tariffs on one handset, whether they have got two UK sims cards to make the most of the multiple offers in the market; or they use an international sim card to save money on calls and texts whilst abroad
  • Added convenience - having two contact numbers on the same handset means they can easily combine personal and business numbers, making life easier as they only need to carry one handset and set of accessories
  • A stylish solution - no longer do they need to fill pockets with two handsets
  • An environmental solution - as they now only need to charge one handset rather than two

"These new handsets offer consumers a different choice, one that many people have been crying out for," said Zafar Mirza, Chairman of Onyx. "They are stylish, practical and will be very competitively priced. And the dual-sim function means that consumers can shop around for the best tariffs or have a great phone to take with them as they travel abroad."

Mirza continued, "these are exciting times for Onyx and for the UK handset market. What is particularly exciting is that the Flip, Slider and Nero are just the first three handsets that we are launching and we're equally excited about the next handsets in the range."

Additional handsets that are in development include a dual-sim handset with an 8MP camera, a Windows Mobile smartphone and a dual-sim Android handset with a 5MP camera.

Источник: Mobile Europe

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