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First Integrated 3G and WiFi Mobile Broadband Service

16 октября 2009

A  new 3G mobile broadband service combined with WiFi has been launched in the UK. FREEDOM4 has combined its software enabling it to be suitable for both 3G mobile broadband and WiFi. The company supply a USB dongle.

The new combined 3G and WiFi service is called Mobile Broadband 1000. Included in the service is a WiFi hotspot locator which is supplied via Satellite Navigation Systems and a text service to pinpoint the nearest hotspot.

FREEDOM4 won an award recently from at The Internet Service Providers Association for Best Business Mobile Broadband when shortlisted against Vodafone and Orange. The service will select the fastest connection from GPRS, WiFi, 3G or 3G HSDPA.

Highlights of the recent FREEDOM4 tests include download speeds peaking at 17 Mbps, with average speeds reaching 2.8 Mbps. Over 600 connections were tested across the UK.

Pricing for the new FREEDOM4 service starts from £25 per month which includes dongle and any combination of either 1,000 Mb (1 Gb) of 3G or 1,000 WiFi minutes.

FREEDOM4 has expanded its UK WiFi network with the addition of roaming partnerships with Spectrum Interactive plc and Briteyellow, taking the total number of hotspots in the UK to over 4,000 and to 50,000 globally. With the addition of the 3G data service, FREEDOM4 now has the potential to provide wireless broadband to 99% of UK population.

Источник: 3G.co.uk

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