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A year of Android - worthy competition for Apple?

21 октября 2009

Today is marking the one year anniversary of the launch of Android. It comes a day after Apple released glowing sales figures for the iPhone, announcing it has sold 7.4 million of the things in the last quarter.

So how does Android's year stack up against the growth of the iPhone? (Yes, we know it's an OS not an actual phone).  AdMob have released some Android stats from their latest data excavation that make for interesting reading.

According to AdMob, the Android OS now has 7% market share globally, with 10% of smartphones in the UK now running Android. The HTC Dream, for example,  is the second most popular mobile phone "for surfing the mobile web in the UK", after the Apple iPhone according to AdMob.

Operators, advertisers and brands will want to know which handsets drive more usage, and here  AdMob has some interesting numbers. It claims that a study of 1000 mobile phone users revealed that  Android users download 9.1 apps a month on average. And iPhone users?  They download 10.2 apps a month on average. (iPod Touch users download 18.4 apps a month on average).

These look good numbers for Android which benefits from having Google behind it, of course, but cannot be said to have the consumer brand awareness of Apple, or the might and size of Apple's app store.

Thomas Schulz, MD EMEA, AdMob, said that the open OS had resulted in good quality handsets, and speedy industry evolution.

"Android's openness has helped to speed up the mobile industry's evolution from tightly controlled data services to increasingly open access. This has resulted in a number of very popular devices coming on the market and has driven data and mobile internet usage," he said.

Источник: Mobile Europe

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