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Mobile marketing grows, still lags behind consumer interest

03 ноября 2009

HipCricket issued the results of its Second Annual Mobile Marketing Survey. The survey shows that growing consumer interest in mobile marketing and customer loyalty programs has created a significant and largely untapped opportunity for brands to connect with customers on their mobile devices.

Specifically the survey found that while 37 percent of consumers would be interested in participating in a mobile customer loyalty program from a brand they trust, 83 percent say their favorite brand has yet to market to them via their most personal device, their mobile phone.
The HipCricket survey goes on to find that mobile marketing campaigns are becoming significantly more influential and effective. Specifically it found that of those consumers who have received mobile marketing offers, 47 percent have brand recall and 94 percent of those remember the specific call to action.
Additional survey findings include the following:

Text messaging/SMS continued to gain influence as both a communications and marketing tool. Specific findings include:

  • Aside from phone calls, 73 percent of people said they use their mobile device most for texting friends
  • 34 percent have received a marketing offer on their cell phone via text message (up from 28 percent in 2008)

The mobile Web continues its momentum as an increasingly important information resource for consumers.  Specifically:

  • 85 percent of respondents agree that the mobile Web is a valuable source for information that interests them
  • 21 percent of respondents access the mobile Web at least once per day and 37 percent access it at least once per week
  • 41 percent of respondents have visited a retailer's website from their mobile phone. The most popular reasons include:

1) To find store locations - 70 percent

2) To find store hours - 51 percent

3) To get directions - 39 percent

4) To look for coupons/promotions - 29 percent

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