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Cisco director charged in Brazil

23 ноября 2007

A director of the Brazilian unit of Cisco Systems, the US technology giant, has been fired after being formally charged with tax fraud and other crimes involving evasion of up to R$1.5bn ($845m) in import duties and other taxes.

Cisco director charged in BrazilCarlos Roberto Carnevali, director of operations at Cisco's Brazil unit, was charged along with 15 other people mostly connected to Mude Comércio e Serviços, Cisco's main distributor in Brazil.

Cisco said Mr Carnevali's employment "has been terminated" due to the nature of criminal charges against him as well as the company's internal review, which found a failure to comply with Cisco's code of business conduct.

The charges follow a police operation conducted last month named Operation Persona in which 40 people were arrested and held in police custody.

Formally opening criminal proceedings in São Paulo on Thursday, judge Luiz Renato Pacheco Chaves de Oliveira said: "Operation Persona identified a criminal organisation that imported electronic and telecommunications products in a falsified manner, with the aim of concealing the true importers and exporters and obtaining reductions in the taxes owed in relation to these imports."

He added: "The beneficiaries of this falsification were the companies Cisco Systems Inc of the US as exporter and Cisco do Brasil Ltda as importer, with the direct involvement of the supplier of Cisco in Brazil, Mude Comércio e Serviços Ltda, and other Brazilian and American companies, real and phantom, that were used as intermediaries to the falsification."

In the alleged scheme, a complex network of companies in Brazil and overseas were allegedly used to import hardware and software at fraudulent valuations.

Источник: Financial Times

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