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International talent attracted to Taiwan

27 ноября 2007

As Taiwan continues its ascent in the global economy, more and more foreign talent are finding themselves drawn to this island that uniquely combines advanced technology, a low cost of living, a traditional and interesting culture, and truly scenic locations.

Professional development 

is well-renowned for its role as one of the world’s tech hubs. The so-called “Silicon Island” is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of semiconductors and is the world’s largest maker of large-size LCDs. Taiwan also produces nearly 99 percent of the world’s computer motherboards and nearly 80 percent of the world’s notebook computers. 

But technology is not the island’s only industrial strength.
Taiwan plays an important role in nearly every industry, including being the world’s third-largest maker of bicycles; producing one-third of the world’s saxophones; and being the fifth-largest producer of yachts, among other industries.

’s importance to the global economy grew out of the “Taiwan Miracle” economic engine, when the island took production outsourcing orders for any and every product imaginable. This legacy still remains today. 

Taiwan is an excellent place for personal development,” says Spencer Pengborn, a marketing specialist for LevelOne, one of Europe's leading brand of networking products and accessories. “The business community really nurtures new thoughts and ideas as they try to diversify the economy and help it move out of the traditional OEM model.”

“For overseas workers that are innovative and really want to feel like they are making a difference in their work, I guarantee that they will find rewarding opportunities in
Taiwan,” continues Pengborn.

King notes that ITRI is emblematic of
Taiwan as a whole, as it is at the nexus of government, industry and academia. King finds that foreign talent are able to work on the projects they are interested in, keeping their interest in their work.

“Those who work at ITRI can really understand the overall trends, where the technology is and where it’s going. ITRI is a champion at getting technology into the market, and is applied by industry,” says King.

Cultural benefits

While Taiwan
’s industrial strength satisfies on the professional level, it is indeed the cultural and environmental benefits that keep international talent on the island.

remains one of the lowest-cost big cities in Asia, allowing workers to save more and enjoy more of the island’s activities. A convenient island-wide transportation network further makes everything within reach, providing year-round travel and fun. 

is home to the world’s largest building, Taipei 101, and also the world’s second-largest Ferris Wheel, at the Miramar Shopping Mall. 

For those looking to escape the city, the Taroko Gorge draws comparisons to the Grand Canyon, while sea-clouds at Mount Alishan, underwater volcanoes –one of the world’s few locations – off the Penghu Islands, and six extensive national parks bring out the naturist in everyone.

Cultural activities are abundant, with a mixture of traditional Chinese temples, world-renowned night markets, and local festivals,
Taiwan offers plenty to do. In addition, the island’s central region makes it a culinary hub, with authentic Japanese, Italian, French cuisine, not to mention every flavor and type of Chinese food available.

With its many attractions, its first-class lifestyle, and its business and industrial strengths,
Taiwan is becoming one of the hottest destinations for international talent. While they first come for work, many are staying and turning the island into their long-time home.

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www.taiwantrade.com.tw or www.brandingtaiwan.org for more information.


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