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European Security Appliance Market Revenue Decline for the Second Consecutive Quarter in 3Q09 as Organizations Postpone Investments

17 декабря 2009

According to IDC's Western European Quarterly Security Appliance Tracker, 3Q09 revenues for the Western European security appliance market reached $377.44 million in factory revenue, a 16.2% decrease over the same quarter a year ago. Shipments also decreased by 16.7% over last year's second quarter, with 127,717 units shipped.

"After a very strong year in 2008, the economic downturn has finally caught up with the European security appliance market. The third quarter of 2009 marked the second consecutive revenue decline for European security appliance vendors, as IT security investment projects were put on hold," said Romain Fouchereau, research analyst at IDC. "However, IDC anticipates both security budgets and the security appliance market to quickly turn around in 2010 from a challenging 2009."

The firewall/VPN market represented $72.53 million in 3Q09, a 28.9% decrease over the same period last year. The dedicated firewall/VPN market is becoming more mature in Western Europe and sees strong competition from unified security solutions. This quarter's results are also much lower than 2Q09, with a 14.5% revenue decline. Cisco remained the number 1 vendor in the segment, followed by Juniper Networks and Nokia.

Unified threat management (UTM) was the largest segment of the security appliances market, with total revenue of $114.3 million in 3Q09, corresponding to a 1.9% decrease over 3Q08. Even during difficult economic times, UTM vendors continue to perform well due to the integrated solutions offered by UTM appliances which offers more to customers constrained budget. Fortinet was the market leader, followed by Secure Computing (McAfee) and Juniper coming in third position.

Intrusion prevention appliances (IPS) decreased by 27.1% over last year's third quarter, representing a $66.24 million market. The results are similar to the 2Q09 IPS revenue with 0.1% growth. IPS development is driven by compliance, and particularly PCI, in Europe, and IDC believes that with more and more compliance issues coming to Europe. McAfee was market leader, followed by Cisco and IBM-ISS.

Content management appliance revenue was again this quarter the only workload with a positive growth, at 4.3% year on year, reaching $70.11 million in 3Q09. The messaging security and Web security segments of security content management (SCM) are following the same evolution path as the threat management market, going from software to appliance form factor. Given the fact that security appliances can lower costs, ease administrative overheads, facilitate management, consolidate support, scale efficiently, and integrate multiple security technologies into a single platform, their success is not surprising in the SCM market. Cisco remained the number 1 vendor in the content management appliance segment and the messaging and Web security subcategories, while McAfee dominates the Web and messaging subcategory. In the overall content management segment, McAfee came second and Barracuda third.

The VPN appliance market reached $50.7 million in 3Q09, a 21% decrease over 3Q08. IDC believes that with the increasing number of remote workers, heightened threats, and fears of pandemics, the VPN market has strong potential for growth in the next few quarters. Juniper was market leader, followed by Cisco and F5.

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Source: IDC, 2009


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