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Global broadband users to hit 1bn by 2013

21 января 2010

Global broadband subscribers are set to hit 1 billion by 2013, research firm In-Stat predicted.

The number of broadband subscriptions worldwide reached 578 million in December 2009, up 99 million from December 2008.

"During calendar year 2009, an average of 8.8 million new broadband subscribers worldwide signed up for service each month," said In-Stat, in a statement.

In a new report entitled Global Broadband Subs Approach 600 Million, In-Stat said DSL, mobile, and cable are the leading access technologies, accounting for 89% of the world's broadband connections.

"The growing popularity of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as watching online video, using IP-based telephony services, and downloading music files, is spurring global demand for broadband Internet connections," said In-Stat analyst Mike Paxton.

The research firm said mobile broadband is now the second-largest access technology behind DSL, making up 18% of subscribers.

"Over the next few years, the number of households with multiple broadband connections will increase significantly. These multiple connection households will commonly have a wired broadband access technology, like DSL or cable modem service, along with a mobile wireless broadband connection," said In-Stat.

Indeed, Informa Telecoms and Media last week predicted that booming data services growth will drive global mobile service revenues to top $1 trillion in 2013.

"Growth in data is being spurred by the rise in take-up of more advanced technologies and mobile broadband services, as well as new handset interfaces and mobile content strategies," said Informa, at the time.


Источник: Total Telecom

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