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Fujitsu deal to develop WiMax chips in Taiwan

03 декабря 2007

Fujitsu and the Taiwanese government will on Tuesday announce that they will jointly develop WiMax broadband chips in Taiwan in a significant Asian alliance intended to commercialise the next-generation mobile technology across the region.

WiMax is a long-range, high-speed wireless Internet access that allows operators to provide signal coverage over areas of up to 50km but has so far gained little traction.Fujitsu deal to develop WiMax chips in Taiwan

Intel, which supplies the microprocessors in four out of five PCs, has been a leading force behind the spread of WiMax and hopes the spread of the technology will lead to a surge in devices, using the technology.

Intel will begin bundling its own WiMax chips in PCs from next year, suggesting it will dominate the laptop market with the technology.

Fujitsu could supply Intel’s rival Advanced Micro Devices and may find a bigger market in mobile phones or infrastructure equipment as WiMax networks are rolled out.

The partnership between Fujitsu and Taiwan is a significant step in spreading the WiMax standard because most PCs and mobile phones are made by Taiwanese companies. Fujitsu is keen to conduct research and development in Taiwan because it would probably generate large orders from the island’s hardware makers, which manufacture most of the world’s networking gear, according to Taiwanese officials.

The joint venture will take the form of a joint research facility in Taiwan funded by Fujitsu and the Institute for Information Industry, Shen Jung-chin, a senior official at Taiwan’s Ministry for Economic Affairs, told the FT. The institute is a technology research body jointly funded by government and industry in Taiwan.

Taiwan has become one of the world’s earliest adopters of WiMax in an attempt to transform itself from a contract manufacturer and designer of IT and communications equipment into a technology pioneer.

The island’s government has awarded six WiMax licences, under which operators are due to start services by the end of 2008, and has invested heavily in infrastructure, testing and research.

“The idea behind teaming up with Fujitsu is the same as the one behind the entire WiMax initiative,” said a senior government official.

“Currently, we make most of the world’s IT equipment, but others set the standards. By jumping in really early in WiMax, we hope to have a role in setting standards and be able to receive, rather than pay, royalties in the future.”

Источник: Financial Times

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