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Telenet tests LTE in Belgium

09 марта 2010

Belgian cable company Telenet Group Holding NV Wednesday said it will start testing a super-fast mobile broadband in Belgium, as it battles for market supremacy with chief rival Belgacom SA.

The service, known as LTE or 4G, will be able to offer consumers Internet speeds on their mobiles that are 10 times faster than now, and the company expects to be able to provide speeds of up to 80 megabytes a second, said Chief Executive Duco Sickinghe.

Telenet is the first telecommunications firm in Belgium to invest in LTE mobile technology. The pilot program will start in the city of Mechelen and surrounding areas, with three new antennas especially set up to handle mobile data.

Telenet's ability to provide mobile services alongside its more traditional offering of fixed-line broadband and cable television is key as the company battles for market share with Belgian incumbent Belgacom, which can provide services across the platform.

Having over the past year invested in acquiring a mobile presence in Belgium, Telenet's CEO Sickinghe said the Belgian mobile voice market is now mature, and the company doesn't "want to be an also ran."

Mobile data has growth potential, and Telenet is interested in buying radio frequency to expand into that arena, he said.

The Belgian telecoms regulator will this summer auction some radio frequency well-suited for mobile broadband services for a new mobile entrant. For Telenet to know exactly what a radio spectrum license will be worth for the company it needs to figure out what the benefits of providing mobile broadband to customers can be, Sickinghe said.

Telenet also said it would invest EUR30 million a year until 2015 to modernize its entire network.

The company currently uses Mobistar's mobile network to provide its own mobile service, but if its move to mobile broadband is successful it would need to build a whole new network.

Источник: Total Telecom

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