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Operators face heavy fall in margins

09 марта 2010

EBITDA margins in the European telco industry could drop from 35-40% to 15% within five years, due to a proliferation of voice and data bundles and the increasing costs of promotional discounts - according to a report from Arthur D Little.

The pressure on revenues is compounded by an increase in significant investment requirements: mobile operators need to invest to cope with mobile data traffic explosion via LTE networks or other means; fixed operators need to further invest into VDSL and FTTB/FTTH networks.

But with the obvious areas for savings already targeted by operators, the challenge now is to identify hidden savings potential through a stringent OPEX/CAPEX analysis.

Arthur D. Little has identified a number of saving measures, including:

  • Operational saving measures (low benefit and low effort) which can be realized within the day-to-day operation and render saving benefits in the region of 10% per annum. Examples are the changing of maintenance service levels, backhauling optimization or introduction of QoS concepts for bandwidth management.
  • Strategic saving measures (high benefit and high effort), which can provide substantial savings benefits, but are likely to require changes to the business model. Examples are consolidation of the wireless and wireline sides of an operator or entering intensive LTE/4G or FTTx network co-operations to save investments and subsequent network operation costs. Integrated operators have the further option of limiting mobile network investments by offloading mobile data traffic via WiFi or via femtocell technology.

Источник: Mobile Europe

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