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HomeGrid Forum-certified products to launch before end of 2010

24 марта 2010

The HomeGrid Forum on Tuesday said it expects industry players to begin launching certified wired home networking products - capable of turning any power socket into a network access point - before the end of 2010.

"At first we'll see products that plug into the wall which then connect using Ethernet cable to the back of a device," Matt Theal, president of the HomeGrid Forum, explained to Total Telecom during IPTV World Forum in London.

"Then eventually the silicon will be integrated onto PCI-Express cards, the device's motherboard, or into the power supplies themselves," he said, adding that other areas of the market will eventually include smart grid products and connected white goods.

Devices that can send IP data through a home's power cables have been around for a number of years; however, Theal commented that until now there have been no industry-wide standards, meaning interoperability issues have been rife.

"Until today the market has been quite fragmented." he said.

"The ITU took one look and said 'this market is a mess' – none of these products co-exist or interoperate with one another, and they all use different silicon."

The HomeGrid Forum was set up to be the public face of G.hn – a standard drawn up by the ITU to address these issues and spur the rollout of compatible wired home networking devices.

From a service provider point of view, Theal said it allows them to cut the cost of providing their customers with additional bundled services.

"For example, right now if you want to deploy IPTV in multiple rooms your service provider has to come to the premises and install more equipment," he said.

"On a large scale, with operators looking at launching quad-play services, the cost of the truck roll can be prohibitive."

Theal also said that for the time being wired home networking products still outperform wireless.

"For high-bandwidth applications, wireless alone isn't sufficient for getting every device in the home talking to one another," he said.

"Wireless currently isn't able to send three HD TV channels from my basement up into my attic – for now you still need wires."

Theal said G.hn has been designed to support Gigabit-per-second connection speeds.

"It's a next-generation standard," he said.

Источник: Total Telecom

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