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Eutelsat Moves to New Neighborhood

01 июня 2007
Commercial satellite services provider Eutelsat Communications redeployed its Hot Bird-2 satellite to nine degrees east creating a new video neighborhood. The satellite - rebranded Eurobird-9 - and its entry into service opens a market for dual-feed reception of channels from both nine degrees east and adjacent to the company's premium Hot Bird position at 13 degress east.

Eutelsat said reception of channels from both locations is possible with off-the-shelf dual-feed domestic dishes.

The repositioning of Eurobird-9 comes after the company successfully launched its Hot Bird 7A and 8 satellites last year. Combined with Eutelsat's Hot Bird 6, the satellites are capable of broadcasting more than 1,000 channels, of which more than 50 percent are free-to-air from the company's 13 degree east position.

Eurobird-9 is optimized for direct-to-home broadcasting delivering 20 fully-operational Ku-band transponders covering Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Eutelsat officials said with the availability of dual-feed antennas for channel reception from more than one orbital location, Europe is poised to move into an era of multi-satellite reception already commonplace around the world, notably North America.


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