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Google says Android Market app growth up 70% over Q4

20 апреля 2010

Google announced that its Android Market application storefront now boasts about 38,000 apps, a 70 percent quarter-over-quarter increase. Speaking during the firm's Q1 earnings call Thursday, vice president of engineering Jeff Huber also said Google is now selling and activating more than 60,000 new Android devices each day, with the OS powering 34 total devices from a dozen different OEM partners.

Google reported first quarter revenues of $6.77 billion, up 23 percent year-over-year--company-owned sites generated revenues of $4.44 billion, or 66 percent of total revenues, representing a 20 percent increase Q1 2009. Google partner sites generated revenues of $2.04 billion (30 percent of total revenues) via the digital services giant's AdSense programs, up 24 percent over a year ago.

Mobile advertising is "doing very well," said Google vice president of product management Susan Wojicki. "We want to make it easy for advertisers to extend their existing campaigns to mobile rather than having to start from scratch. When advertisers run on desktop and mobile we enable them to separate their campaign staff by desktop or mobile to understand their mobile performance. Many of them are surprised by how much mobile activity they have received." Wojicki also touted the Q1 launch of efforts like Click to Call, which includes phone numbers inside mobile ads. "Not surprisingly this has increased click through, or should I say call through," she noted.

With the Federal Trade Commission reportedly assembling an internal litigation team to mount an antitrust challenge to Google's proposed $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob, CFO Patrick Pichette was asked whether a contingency plan is in place. "The case for AdMob is there is overwhelming evidence the mobile advertising industry both in terms of platforms and providers is nascent,"Pichette said. "It is incredibly competitive. It didn't exist 24 months ago. There are dozens of ad networks out there. Even last week you may have heard there was an announcement from Apple that they were starting their own. It is incredibly competitive and that is why we believe we are very positive about making this transaction happen. The case is on our side."

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