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ONEMAX uses Veraz's ControlSwitch as an IMS core to offer wireless broadband applications

18 мая 2007
ONEMAX, an innovative broadband wireless provider, selected Veraz for its IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) over WiMAX solution. ONEMAX is the first commercial mediacom operator to offer Internet, multimedia and Voice over IP (VoIP) services over mobile WiMAX (802.16e) in the Dominican Republic, and one of the first to offer IMS over WiMAX services in the Americas.

ONEMAX chose Veraz's User Services Core(TM) to offer its subscribers VoIP and IP-based multimedia services while Veraz's ControlSwitch(TM) and I-Gate 4000 series of media gateways will enable ONEMAX to connect to other operators. Veraz provides key network and service delivery infrastructure that integrates with third-party components including application servers, end user devices, session border controllers and Business and Operational Support Systems for service delivery on the WiMAX network.

"The IMS piece is just so critical. The Veraz softswitch and media gateway is an efficient solution that guarantees interoperability for all our IP based services. We needed a system that is fundamentally built in order to handle the sophisticated interaction in a fast growing multi-vendor environment,” said Raoul Fontanez, CEO of ONEMAX. "We evaluated several vendors for the IMS component of our network and found that Veraz offered the best solution. It enables us to use the latest technology to provide advanced mobile, Voice over IP, data and multimedia services.”

"The ONEMAX network represents the essence of what IMS is supposed to be about -- a distributed, multi-vendor environment for the delivery of media rich IP-based services,” said Doug Sabella, CEO of Veraz. "To have been chosen for such an important part of this truly cutting edge network showcases the strength, flexibility and leadership of our platform, and cuts through the hype to demonstrate the viable reality of our IMS solution.”

In more technical terms, the solution that Veraz has delivered to ONEMAX is based upon 3GPP IMS release 7. It includes core IMS functionalities, for routing (Call Session & Call Control Function) and customer identification (Home Subscriber Server), plus key IMS service delivery components such as Application Server Function and SCIM (Service Capability Interaction Manager); as well as interconnect functions (PSTN) such as Signaling Gateway Function, and Media Gateway Control Function. Additionally, Veraz integrated this solution with third-party network and management components selected by ONEMAX.

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