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Flat rate: Can’t live, with or without it

25 мая 2010

Services and applications need to be launched in conjunction with LTE infrastructure, so the telecoms industry doesn’t experience the same problems it faced with the deployment of 3G – years of carrying voice applications eventually resulting in network issues when data finally took off.

The warning came from Ken Wirth, president LTE and 4G networks at Alcatel-Lucent, who was speaking at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam on Wednesday. “We need one common set of infrastructure that drives one common set of services, and we need quality of service (QoS) across the entire network infrastructure, not just spectrum and the uplink and downlink, but across every element of the network, so we can drive new applications and voice over IP in an IMS powered way,” Wirth said.

Sitting on a panel session with Stephen Bye, vice president of wireless at US cable carrier Cox, Wirth said that there are many lessons the mobile operator community has learned from fixed broadband players and how those applications extend to wireless.

“We can’t live with or without flat rate tariffs,” Wirth said. “If you don’t give consumers flat rate they won’t use the services, but with it they abuse it.

“But we also have to get away from charging on a per bit basis, because consumers are unable to judge data consumption, and the problem is that flat rate tariffs are deployed everywhere. So what we need is a willingness to pay that maps to the infrastructure and operator assets.”

LTE is expected to dramatically reduce the cost per bit when compared to other technologies, as well as offering increased quality of experience. Over the top applications which are developed on the infrastructure but can’t be monetized at present need to be embraced by allowing developers to build on top of this infrastructure

To this end Alcatel-Lucent is driving new services ands applications via its ng Connect program, which consists of 35 partners in gaming, media, and devices among other areas, to develop proof of concept designs like the LTE connected car on display at the event.


Источник: telecoms.com

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