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16 марта 2007
ECI Telecom introduced the first access platform with virtual routing capabilities enabling Layer 3 VPN applications. The L3 VPN-like capabilities allow service providers to offer cost-effective per-service granularity to their business, residential and wholesale customers.

Per-service segmentation enables operators to provide flexible business models and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for voice, data and video applications. In addition, virtual routing in the access portion of the network provides OPEX and CAPEX optimization by freeing expensive ports in the aggregation and edge layers.

"By incorporating virtual routing capabilities into the Hi-FOCuS Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) platform, ECI enables operators to go to the next level in terms of advanced, SLA-based service delivery, for both residential and enterprise customers," said Erik M. Keith, Senior Analyst for Broadband Infrastructure at Current Analysis. "With the integration of virtual routing into its Hi-FOCuS-5 solution set, ECI has added a new, unique differentiator into what is already an extremely competitive platform in the market." Current Analysis has ranked ECI's Hi-FOCuS-5 as the top DSLAM broadband access platform based on five major buying criteria: scalability, standards, capacity, QoS support and pricing.

With virtual routing, the Hi-FOCuS-5 MSAN integrates all major voice, data and video network services onto a single high-bandwidth platform, over either copper or fiber technologies. In addition to virtual routing, the Hi-FOCuS-5 introduces enhanced IP capabilities, including improved unified network management, resiliency, security and expanded ability to handle a greater number of subscribers.

"As service providers look for the most suitable business models to provide next-generation services, ECI's virtual routing capabilities provide them with cost-effective flexibility,” said Zvika Weinshtock, VP Marketing of ECI Telecom's Broadband Access Division of ECI Telecom. "We are proud to be the first to offer virtual routing capabilities in the access network. This underscores our continued dedication to highly innovative broadband access solutions.”

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