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New technology will enable carriers to deploy a cost-effective network’s solution

05 марта 2007
ECI Telecom announced the industry's first successful demonstration of 43Gb/s transmission over 1,000 km via a 10-Degree 50 GHz-channel-spaced WSS ROADM. The technology, demonstrated on ECI's XDM all range(TM) ROADM platform, will enable carriers to deploy a cost-effective solution for high capacity reconfigurable networks.

The continued growth of IP traffic, fueled by new triple-play delivery and higher bandwidth business data services, drives carriers to increase the capacity of their IP core network as well as of the underlying DWDM network, by scaling up the router line speeds and the subsequent DWDM signals from 10Gb/s to 40Gb/s. This migration is smooth once carriers are able to add these new 40Gb/s services to the existing 10Gb/s DWDM networks. These networks are typically 50 GHz-spaced, use Optical Transport Hierarchy (OTH) as standard line rates and are increasingly reconfigurable through the growing implementation of multi-degree WSS ROADMs. Finding the optimal 40Gb/s modulation format, that can offer both high QoS for long distance transmission as well as compatibility with 50 GHz spaced filters, is considered to be a significant challenge.

ECI's answer to the challenge of a smooth migration from 10Gb/s to 40Gb/s involves using bandwidth-tolerant 43Gb/s modulation formats. The demonstration showed that these modulation formats enable crossing of up to 1,000 Km through 50GHz-spaced WSS ROADMs, while maintaining high noise tolerance, similar to that of 10Gb/s signals. ECI's XDM solution is unique in that it allows carriers to build reconfigurable ROADM-based networks, with maximum capacity of 80 channels x 40 Gb/s (or 3.2Tb/s), with distances suitable for metro, regional and long haul applications.

"Carriers worldwide are currently deploying ROADMs in their metro and core networks, and they are looking to gradually introduce 40 Gb/s services," said Michael Howard, Principal Analyst at Infonetics Research. "This demonstration by ECI shows that there is a cost-effective and forecast-tolerant answer to this demand."

"ECI's solution of combining 40Gb/s with multi-degree ROADMs and 50 GHz spacing answers our customers' immediate needs and

will take them well into the next decade," said Eyal Shaked, General Manager Transport Networking Division and Executive Vice President of ECI Telecom. "This successful demonstration once again proves ECI's leadership in next-generation high-capacity, reconfigurable optical networks.”

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