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LatAm's mobile remittance market worth $60bn

06 декабря 2010

Latin America's dependence on ex-pat workers sending money back to the region has opened up a $60 billion opportunity for mobile operators, claimed Pyramid Research.

"Mobile operators are well-positioned to benefit from any service that requires access to users, since almost 100% of the population is covered by mobile networks," said Jose Magana, senior analyst at Pyramid, in a research note.

The analyst firm said in a new report that a sizeable volume of immigration to the U.S. and Europe over the last 20 years has resulted in Latin America relying heavily on family remittance to sustain local consumption.

"The flow of remittances has dramatically changed the economic structure of certain countries that rely heavily on the capital sent by these workers," said Magana, who commented that in some cases the flow of money exceeds 10% of nominal GDP.

"With an average banking penetration of 50%, and the advantage of an already-developed [mobile] infrastructure, it is obvious that mobile players have first mover advantage over any other industry to provide a variety of additional services, including mobile remittances," he said.

However, Pyramid Research warned operators not to be complacent or they risk only carving out a small part of the value chain for themselves.


Источник: Total Telecom

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