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Growing mobile marketing and advertising revenue will approach $1.5 billion in 2016

14 декабря 2010

The audience for mobile marketing and advertising is said to be growing steadily, and spending on the new medium is growing in parallel. One six-month period in 2010 saw spending expand in the US by almost 2.5%, and a new ABI Research study indicates that in 2016, revenue from mobile display ads will be getting close to $1.5 billion.

Practice director Neil Strother says, “Although the market for mobile advertising and marketing is starting from a very small base, it is showing steady, solid growth. A Consumer Technology Barometer survey conducted by ABI Research this year revealed that about one third of the smartphone owners polled had clicked on at least one mobile advertisement.”

Overall spending on mobile ad media has accelerated with the arrival of the autumn “back to school” and end-of-year holiday seasons, and is expected to approach $1 billion by year’s end.

Before 2010 this industry was seen as quite “experimental,” but, says Strother, “There was a shift starting at the end of last year from the pioneering phase to what we might call the ‘early growth phase.’ By now, probably 20% of all major companies have done something with mobile marketing, and some of them are doing so repeatedly. Today’s mobile campaigns can cost $100,000 or more and annual budgets may run to several million dollars.”

Mobile marketing and advertising fall into five categories: Text messages; Mobile display (banner) ads; Mobile search; In-application advertising; and In-video advertising.

All of these may have their uses within a campaign, as does location data; however Strother observes that, “Today mobile is often seen as a distinct channel, but eventually there will be nothing special about it: it will be understood as an integrated part of a campaign’s overall strategy.”

Источник: Mobile Europe

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