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Quarter of European Consumers Will Use Their Mobile Phone to Assist Shopping Activities

15 декабря 2010

A survey of French, German and UK consumers revealed that 67% of all mobile phone owners expect to use their mobile for their Christmas shopping and organizing of celebrations this year, exclusive of making phone calls (France 82%, Germany 52% and the UK 66%). Further, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) commissioned­ report found that over a quarter (26%) plan to use their mobile phone to assist their shopping activities more this year than they did last Christmas (France 16%, Germany 39% and the UK 23%).

The survey uncovered some of the most popular ways mobile phone owners will use their mobile phone for Christmas shopping and organizing during this time of high retail activity. A quarter (25%) of European mobile Christmas shoppers intend to use their mobile phones (France 19%, Germany 32% and the UK 24%) to search for gift ideas. More than 1 in 10 (12%) mobile Christmas shoppers plan to use their mobile phone to purchase or pay for gifts (UK 16%, Germany 14% and France 5%), demonstrating a clear opportunity for marketers to optimise their mobile marketing strategies to guide consumers.

There is a clear connection between the mobile shopping experience and traditional shopping habits with 52% of those using their phones for Christmas shopping expecting to do so before leaving for stores (France 50%, Germany 50% and the UK 56%), and over a third (39%) planning to use their phones while travelling to stores for Christmas shopping (France 39%, Germany 39% and the UK 40%). 10% of mobile Christmas shoppers will even use their device whilst in a checkout line (France 3%, Germany 14% and the UK 11%).

The survey highlighted further opportunities for brands and retailers to connect with consumers and make mobile part of the in-store experience. 15% of those using their mobile phone as part of Christmas shopping expect to search for the location or directions to a retail outlet (France 6%, Germany 20% and the UK 19%). Retailers such as Best-Buy and Tesco are among the first to tap into this opportunity, offering the functionality to locate not only stores, but also the location and information of products on shelves.

"The findings from the latest research demonstrate the growing opportunity for European retailers to readdress the mobile channel to target end users." said Peter A. Johnson, vice president of market intelligence, MMA, and author of the study. "Consumers are now using their mobiles for a number of shopping related activities which marketers need to be aware of when optimising both their mobile and in-store retail experiences."

"These findings demonstrate the importance of mobile devices when planning and shopping around the holiday season," stated Ralph Risk, Lightspeed Research Marketing Director EMEA. "In the same way that 10 years ago the Internet on the desktop changed shopping habits, mobile phones are now leading the way for consumers to shop on the move. Marketers, brands and retailers that ignore or underestimate this trend risk missing out on a powerful new marketing opportunity."

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