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NSN upgrades SFR 3G network, showcases double-speed mobile broadband

21 декабря 2010

SFR subscribers in the largest cities across France will soon benefit from significantly improved mobile broadband. Anticipating an exponential traffic growth, the operator has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks to build extra capacity in its existing 3G network.

In a further development, SFR, in collaboration with Nokia Siemens Networks, has given a live preview of a technology that will allow download speeds of up to 42 megabits per second (Mbps), twice the current peak rate.

“With so many smart devices reaching the market, it is essential for leading operators to make sure their networks continue to deliver top class capacity efficiently,” said Ana Maria Gimenez, head of SFR customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “This ongoing network upgrade will provide a competitive edge to SFR by significantly enhancing the mobile Internet quality of experience across France.”

Nokia Siemens Networks will provide its energy-efficient, award winning and LTE-ready Flexi Multiradio Base Station to support enhanced High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) services. The comprehensive offering will also include a range of software, network planning and optimization to ensure high network availability. For the operator, Nokia Siemens Networks has already provided Radio Network Controllers along with Cell_PCH technology that helps conserve smartphone battery life by handling signaling traffic more intelligently and decreasing signaling load on the network.

Meanwhile, the push to provide even better mobile broadband services to SFR customers took a leap forward with a live demonstration of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Dual-cell HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology, which provides up to 42 Mbps download speeds, twice the current peak rate. The new capability was showcased on December 16 in Lyon. SFR will begin to roll out the technology in its network from the beginning of 2011.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ Dual-cell HSDPA enables subscribers to use twice the bandwidth currently available in 3G connections today. The technology doubles the peak download rate as well as significantly increase the network capacity. This allows larger number of users to enjoy higher download speeds.

“The showcase of our Dual-cell HSDPA with SFR is proof of the ongoing evolution of data speeds over 3G aimed at enhancing the mobile broadband experience for people,” added Gimenez. “Nokia Siemens Networks has long supported SFR’s dedication to increase its mobile data bandwidth, working with it to demonstrate peak data rates of 28 Mbps earlier in 2010, and the deployment of 14.4 Mbps in 2009.”

SFR’s rollout of Dual-cell HSDPA is made possible through a software upgrade to the Flexi Multiradio Base Station.

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