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Russian Network Delivered the Fastest Average Mobile Download Speeds

25 января 2011

Akamai Technologies, a global web hosting provider has published a report on its server traffic, that now also includes mobile visitors. According to the report, the average data consumption experienced by mobile providers grew during the third quarter on 101 of the 111 listed providers.

Eighty-nine of the mobile providers saw consumption of data downloaded from Akamai increase on a year-over-year basis. In addition, 35 providers doubled the average monthly volume of content downloaded from Akamai year-over-year.

Mobile Connectivity

A mobile provider in Russia took the top spot for the highest average connection speed among the known mobile network providers, reaching nearly 6 Mbps. In reviewing average peak connection speeds, a provider in Slovakia has again topped the list with an average peak connection speed of nearly 23 Mbps, gaining approximately 2.5 Mbps from the second quarter. Average peak connection speeds remained strong in the third quarter, with fifteen providers achieving speeds in excess of 10 Mbps, and all but two of the 111 listed providers achieving speeds of 1 Mbps or more. Looking at trends over time, six providers recorded greater than 100% quarterly growth in average peak connection speeds, with 41 increasing 100% or more year-over-year.

Attack Traffic

The U.S. remained the top source of observed attack traffic, followed by Russia. In aggregate, the two countries were responsible for just over 20% of observed attack traffic, with the balance coming from 207 additional countries/regions. Aggregated at a continental level, Europe was responsible for the highest percentage of observed attacks.

In looking at attack traffic from just mobile network providers, Italy remained in the top spot at 28 percent. The United Kingdom saw the largest quarterly increase (nearly 80%) in observed attack traffic from known mobile network providers.

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